Advice on audio recording and film editing system.

Hello. I need a computer for my new recording studio, so I'm looking to build one that is designed to handle very powerful real-time audio recording/editing as well as film editing and a number of other "creative-type jobs" such as photo editing and what not.

This will not be used for gaming and it needs to be a fairly quite computer. I'm looking to build with parts from Newegg and/or amazon and I'd like to install OSX and I'd like a very very large hard drive as raw audio files are ungodly huge!

My budget is around $3000 but I have little knowledge of computer hardware. Does anyone have any advice on which combinations of parts might suit my needs?

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    from what ive heard what i think you are looking is a good cpu and lots of ram.

    for quiet, check out the fractal r4; it has space for plenty of drives (2 5.25" opticals, about 8 3.5" (or 2.5" ssd) hdd, and i believe 2 ssd as well.)

    maybe look into this cpu?:
    it apparently has no integrated graphics so you will need video card.. i dont know exactly what might work good for your needs but i think maybe an msi gtx 760 (or even 660) might fit what you want?
    cooler master hyper 212 evo is a cheap way to cool it beyond stock coolers

    for boards, you would need an lga 2011 board if you went with that cpu. if you decided on the normal quad core i7 processors you would go for lga 1155 for ivy bridge (3000 level cpus) or lga 1150 for haswell (4000 level cpus). board preference depends on needs, you seem like you would want lots of sata ports, maybe an esata port on the i/o as well. i recommend asus, but in the end you mostly want to make sure it: a) has what you need, b) that the model has a good reputation for quality and low reputation for failure

    fill up ram as much as you can with budget i think, maybe start at 16 gb and work up from there if you want more (not difficult to upgrade as needed).

    for hard drives: get a samsung 840 pro ssd for a boot drive and get as many wd caviar drives (blue or black, black apparently has a bit better performance but is a bit louder ive heard) as you need/can fit)

    consider windows 8, and get the pro version i think

    go for corsair or seasonic with the psu, corsair hx and ax are both nice (ax is their top model)

    **wait for people who build these types of systems to comment as well, i do more game type stuff than the stuff you do
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