How can i use GPUz to see if my cpu is bottlenecking my gpu?

Basically what the title is asking
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  1. gpuz isnt used for that.
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    If your gpu usage is low and your cpu usage is high, the cpu is holding things back.

    If the GPU usage is high and the cpu usage is low. The GPU is holding things back.

    Please note that things like Vysnc can lower the gpu utilization making it look like you have a bottleneck when you do not.

    So in general, if your video card is working very hard, it is not bottle necked.

    You can also use something like MSI afterburner to display the current gpu load in real time while you game.

    Some games will switch from higher to low cpu usage depending on what is happening in game(many MMO games).
  3. daswilhelm said:
    gpuz isnt used for that.

    yea, what nukemaster said.
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