Will a Corsair HX650W PSU be able to power a SLI 660Ti System?

I was wondering If I will be able to have two MSI 660TI's in SLI using a HX650 PSU...

The Build:
Intel i5 4670K
CM EVO 212
MSI z87 GD65
8GB Corsair Vengeance
MSI 660TI(s)

I don't really want to have to send back my current PSU and get a larger one, and go through the whole return process. I also don't plan to OC the CPU, Ill just let the Turbo Boost do its thing. So Will the 650W be able to Power this system, and efficiently
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    Yes. The minimum recommended is 450W (system with one card) + 150W (max for second card). You have 650W.
  2. Answer at bottom of page

    Thermal and Power Specs:
    97 C - Maximum GPU Tempurature (in C)
    150 W - Maximum Graphics Card Power (W)
    450 W - Minimum System Power Requirement (W)5
    Two 6-pin - Supplementary Power Connectors

    So 450 for system w/ 1 card + 150 for 2nd
  3. Guru3D recommends a 700 watt power supply on a high-end, power hungry system. They tend to overestimate to account for some overclocking on the CPU. You also have a high-end professional series PSU capable of exceeding its power rating. You should be fine. Just be alert to any oddities that may indicate insufficient power.,7.html
  4. Alright thanks guys!
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