Memory Compatability Issue

I recently purchased parts for a computer and put everything together, but on the ram package it said only for intel i7, i3, and i5. Could someone help me find two 4GB ram sticks at 1600 for an intel Xeon E3 1155 Processor?
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  1. Also, ive been looking at these ones, but im not sure if they are compatable or not:
  2. Hi spymaster.

    Could you list the brand of the board you are using and it`s model number for the intended Xeon cpu.

    I ask because the board may only take for example Ecc memory.
    (Error-correcting code memory)

    It may have to be buffered, or un-buffered memory, or registered memory you have to use with the board.

    Standard memory like the Mushkin may still not work.
  3. Intel S1200BTLR ATX Server Motherboard LGA 1155 Intel C204 DDR3 ECC UDIMM 1066/1333/1600/1333LV
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