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Hi everybody,

I decided to upgrade my ram memory in my computer. Its a Biostar TH55B HD. I had 2x2gb = 4gb ram 2 sticks 1333mhz. on one channel i replaced it with two 4x2 gb=8gb ram sticks i reseted cmos and they started working. but when i try to install the old ram sticks in the other channel, the 2 remaining slots it boots up but it gives me a black screen on my screen. i updated my bios,reseted cmos again and no luck i have an i3 processor, and my motherboard says that up to 16gb max of memory ram. it would be only 12 if the old ram would install so its not maxing out.
Any advices would be helpful, its my first computer build up by myself and i dont have any idea about ram upgrades.
Thank you in advance.
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  1. Does the old RAM work in the computer, separate from the new? You might test it separately in the slots you have it installed in, to make sure it even functions. Also, both pairs should be running at the same clock speed (1333 Mhz.) You didn't mention the speed of the new RAM.
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    If going to try and mix them, put the new sticks in slots 1-3 from PU (believe the white ones with your mobo) and the old sticks in 2-4 (red), go into BIOS and raise DRAM voltage + 0.06 and give it a try
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