what's really "better" than an i7 2600K?

Not a gamer. Not at all. I try to delete them from my systems. waste of time.

This box does desktop publishing, long documents. Now using 64-bit Win8Pro 64-bit (and mostly 10-12 yr OLD apps (W2K era), running in compatibility mode). Certainly not 64-bit apps, and nothing to do with Adobe's latest pocket picking approach but they run faster in the system I have than they have ever run they find their own chunk of memory and W7/8 leaves them alone in it.

The 2600K is incredibly quick at doing the things I've done for nearly 30 years on everything from 286 to now. I've had it running happily for going on 3 years.

Looking forward, though, I've not yet seen or recognized any CPU package that really delivers more thoughput than I am seeing now.. A hexcore offers that but I doubt it would deliver with the old apps .

CPU Boss doesn't come up with anything really stronger than the 2600K. A few percent is nothing on the "butt dyno" so I'm trying to look ahead.

It's not a hertz issue, because the box runs at idle speed most of the operations even when they are really fast (almost bought a copy of DOS 6 just to run Wordstar and see how fast it was at 3-4GHz instead of 3-4Mhz<G>).

The 2600K is just awesome...but I'm looking for the next click up as of next June.<G>

Who's got a crystal ball?
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    talk about waste of time, why even bother with a 2600k on 10 year old apps...
  2. As far as the SB - IB - HW discussion, I'm in full agreement with the reviewer here:

    I don’t think there’s any compelling reason to move from an Ivy Bridge or even a Sandy Bridge based system to a Haswell system– there simply isn’t enough performance and feature differential to justify it. On the other hand, if you’re building a new rig from scratch, there’s little point in investing in end-of-life platforms, so going Haswell/Z87 makes sense.9
  3. June of 2014? No way to say what will be better by then. If anything, what comes out by then may not be that much faster then what you got. Then again, that CPU will be fast for a long time for your purpose. I know this for I handle huge Word files (300+ pages) on a 2Ghz Core2Duo, and can't tell the difference between my buddy's i5-3570K system.
  4. Hello... These days programs are written to access more CPU cores of the modern Processor... here is the WEB site I use for Computer parts speed comparisons... Yes the 2600K is still in the "TOP 10"... another performance increase for your large Word Processing files would be a SSD drive.
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