Suggestions for a good UPS for my Gaming PC Build

Hi guys I'm new at buying a UPS as I've never had one on my past builds, but since this computer build that i'm saving up to buy and build will be the most expensive system I've ever owned I want to protect it as I will have alot of money put into it. Please feel free to suggest any good UPS backups that are compatible and reliable for my Corsair HX750 and the rest of the build below. Also go ahead and suggest whether or not I should also pair it with a surge suppressor like a Belkin etc. with it or not thanks :} Here's my build below:

Case= Corsair 500r
CPU= Intel i7 3770k 3.5 Ghz
Memory= 16 GB (4x4gb) Corsair Vengeance Low Profile DDR3 1600
GPU= MSI Gaming 2gb Geforce GTX 770
CPU Cooler= CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Evo
Motherboard= Asus P8z77 V Pro LGA 1155
Sound Card= Creative Labs Recon3d Fatality Champion
PSU= Corsair HX750 Series Power Supply
Hard Drives= Samsung 840 Pro Series 256 gb SSD (Boot Drive)
Western Digital Black 1 TB HDD 7200 RPM (Storage Drive)
OS= Windows 7 Home Premium
Monitor= Asus VE278Q 27" Monitor
Speakers= Logitech Z623 2.1 200 watt Speaker System
Fan Controller= NXZT Sentry 2 Fan Controller
Case Fans= 5 Total 120mm Fans/2 Total 140mm Fans/and 1-200mm Fan

P.S Thank You all for your input.
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  1. Anybody?????????????????????????????????? Please

    Since my power supply is a PFC power supply would these that i found on NewEgg be enough to give me a few minutes to shutdown my system and not fry it.
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    Yes, go with the CP1500VA. With the 27" monitor it should give you 5-15 minutes to shut down, maybe more.
    In addition, make sure you download their software which will automatically shut down your system, safely, in event of a power failure.
    One last thing: The batteries will wear out and the UPS will no longer protect your system; This really depends on the quality of the power from the wall socket. The UPS works all the time. The internal batteries and components make sure that your pc receives the proper voltage without fluctuation, something a simple surge suppressor and, of course, your power company can't do: It is this, not the infrequent power outages, that wear down the batteries.
    Mine last about 3-4 years before needing replacement.
  3. Thx alot for your response so are their battery replacements for this UPS if it were to die on me in time or would I have to buy a brand new unit?
  4. Check with Cyberpower to be certain, but all the UPS units I have seen from 1000VA up have been able to have their batteries changed. It is a lot cheaper then buying a new unit.
    Cyberpower will have the information on replacement battery models for each unit, then you can shop for the best price. I ended up buying mine through Newegg.
  5. okay thx
  6. You are very welcome. I just noticed that you asked if it should be paired with a surge suppressor: NO. Plug straight into the wall outlet. Do not attache a suppressor to the UPS outlets either. The manual will tell you what outlet plugs on the UPS are battery protected and into those plug your PC and Monitor. Don't plug any power bricks into the UPS (such as printer, speakers), they need to draw their power from the wall or a separate surge suppressor. That Cyperpower 1500 will have very good surge suppression for your other components.

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