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After much convincing to my parents, the price did not add up for them and building it was out of the question. I told them of all my research and work but they turned me down. Im looking at a alienwarex51 and other computers but don't know which would be a good price.
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  1. I was thinking a intel i5 2500k, or an i7 3770/2600. Never used AMD. Using it for a lot of gaming like skyrim, battlefield, tf2, cod, ect. Ill buy the ssd. I had a 120gb in mind. 8-16 gigs of ram. A good GPU. Radeon/sapphire. Air cooled. 1-2 tb hard drive.
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    no don't get ibuypower/cyberpower, not as reliable as u think. Now for the price of around that you should go look at the vanquish from digital storm. Equipped with a gtx 650 ti boost around that price it beats the ibuypower. Plus the fact it comes with a 3 year warranty ( rite now its 4 years because of a promotion ). You should go for it, the company's gotten lots of awards and i think their reliable.
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