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Hi guys I am desperate to know what hardware is bad on my system. My new computer I built is running like complete shit and I suspect its either the Video Card, Motherboard or the PSU is not supplying enough power but i simply just cant figure out which is is...Here are my specs first!

Asus Maximus IV Hero
RipJaw 1600mhz 8gb of RAM
Intel 4770k @ 3.5ghz
Geforce GTX 770 gigabyte 4gb OC edition
Samsung 840 Pro 120gb
H100i Cooler
EVGA 1000w Gold

So heres whats up. Ever since I got the system running I thought Ive had graphics card issues mainly driver issues. Though as days go on my issues are getting worse. On startups I would occasionally get no signal to the monitor right after the starting windows thing goes. So I would have signal through the boot logo and through the starting windows and then all of the sudden it would just go black and I would get no signal and I would have to do a hard reset and Itll usually work most of the time. But it was very random every startup i wouldnt know if I would get the no signal issue. Now it has turned into my gpu cant run any games with any of the drivers...Ive used 314.22,320.18,320.49,326.80 everytime i play anygame everything looks like its going smoothly and then all of the sudden it locks up. The games tested are Skyrim which got the worse, Counter Strike and Crysis. Every game just freezes now at first I thought its bad drivers but can the gpu also cause occasional system instability? I did overclock my 4770 but brought it back to the default settings and even with stock Ill still sometimes have my system crash or it will freeze and lock up and then stop and then 5 seconds later freeze and lockup like its bottlenecking. Temperatures are all fine on the Card and Cpu. Cpu the most I have ever gotten was 65 C on stability and with the card it says 40 C when gaming when I saw with skyrim but I would still have hard freezes and crashes like my system was unstable. Right now im convinced either my GPU, Motherboard or even PSU is bad. Something is causing these bottlenecks and random graphical crashes. and oh ya i would sit idle and then my gpu would just crash and say i have recorvered and or ill come back from me attempting to download a game and my whole pc is frozen and thats leaving it for an hour or 2. Ive gone through all the steps of checking my connection to the gpu and everything. My motherboard shows no errors on the Q code. The event viewer will usually say like error 14 which is a usual graphics card crash. Here is my list in order of what I think is the cause.


Im just trying to know what you guys think and or what I should do for anyother testing to try to figure out the cause. Im done with this driver BS because no one else is having what Im experiencing this badly with this board and card. I have the latest BIOS and tested both and experienced the problem with both versions. Im wondering if the PSU was bad could it cause my for unstable overclocks and gpu during gaming. Cuase I mean when the system goes under load it needs more power technically so if the psu cant supply the power then the system goes unstable. But also I want to know if the gpu can cause system instability this badly. Im really stuck and frusterated on what my next steps I should take...Any input is greatly appreciated!!!
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  1. Try completely reinstalling Windows. Sometimes remnants of the old drivers survive.

    If that fails, try the iGPU. Then RMA the card.
  2. I already tried doing a fresh install of windows, I guess I'll Rma the card though I'm wondering if the card can cause system instability?
  3. It can. Have you tried the integrated graphics? That will sort out if it's the card or not.
  4. I actually discovered that it was the pcie slot on my motherboard since my second slot works perfectly. I'm getting my money back from superbiiz and buying one from newegg.
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