Two questions, will my power supply handle a HD 7770 and if the 7770 is a good enough upgrade

Simply I wanted to know if my Corsair VX450 can handle a Radeon HD 7770, on the AMD website it says it needs 500Watts, yet I've seen people posting (other websites) that even a Corsair 430 could run it. Also, if a 7770 is worth the upgrade from an ancient yet very good card, the HD 4850 1GB. My budget will be around $125 (if anyone has a different suggestion for a graphics card since there is also so many types of 7770s). No I won't be using xfire.

i3-2100 3.1GHz
Radeon HD 4850 1GB 625/1008
8gb PNY Optima 1333MHz
Corsair VX450
Seagate 500GB 7200RPM
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    Your PSU should be more then enough the run that card. A 430W corsair runs it easily as you mentioned. Hope this helps.
    Edit: I see you have a $125 budget. You could get a HD 7790, or you could spend $130 and get a 7850. Neither will have PSU problems nor bottleneck your system.
  2. The PSU is fine but not the upgrade. Get atleast a 7850 or if you want to switch brands Nvidia 650Ti boost. It will although depend upon the resolution you game at. 1366 * 768 and anything below, 7770 will do just fine. Try to get a factory OC version.
  3. Your power supply would appear to be rated at 33 Amps on the 12 Volt rail, and is listed at up to 85% efficient.

    i3-2100 (65 Watts)
    HD 7770 (80 Watts)
    HDD (24 Watts)
    MB / Misc. (72 Watts)

    These are numbers I use when doing my own calculations, not necessarily perfect, but they should get you into the ballpark. Your processor and GPU I looked up.

    A rough estimate puts you close to 20 Amps under a theoretical full load after upgrading to the 7770.

    Even if your PSU was only operating at 80% of it's rated load, it should do fine.
  4. Thank you all! I'll take the consideration of buying a 7790 or a 7850.
  5. Cesarb12 said:
    Thank you all! I'll take the consideration of buying a 7790 or a 7850.

    Good choice! I'd get the 7850 if there's any way you can afford it. Its quite a bit better then the 7790.
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