3 Issues Im having with windows 8

Hi Im surprisingly loving metro. I dont know why but I am. However Im having 3 problems that are really bothering me.

1.) When im playing music in an application and switch to another app, windows 8 lowers the volume. Ive already been to sounds and changed the option to do nothing but the problem still persists.

2.) I have downloaded halo spartan assault to the pc. Whenever I try to play it, it says network error or unable to connect to xbox. I cant get into the game.

3.) In the people app it has my skype contacts synced to it. I have some contacts in skype that I dont want in people. Ive removed those contacts from skype but the still show in people and I cant get them out.

And way to fix this stuff? Thanks ahead of time!
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  1. There was some other little things if yall had the time:
    4.) Is there any full metro style app out for facebook that will let you do everything (groups, feed, update status, photos, etc) every app Ive used was missing something.
    5.) Is there a was to change the background to the photos application?
    6.) Is there a metro style recycle bin, office, or itunes?

    Thanks again guys!
  2. I found out the office for metro is coming in 2014 and a file manager is coming in october and I found a half decent facebook app although it still isnt metro. Its just the browser copied and pasted.
    Still havent found a solution to the first 3 things nor have I found a metro ui recycle bin. If anyone can help let me know Thank you!
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