Can anyone tell me a good mobo for my 3570k, Or at least how to fix this one..

So I bought an entirely new system because I do heavy gaming so I decided on the intel i5 3570k and the GTX 660 ti. I'll be brutally honest, I run alot of benchmarks and this 3570k runs no different than my old AMD FX 6350. Even worse at times but I think i'll stick with it. My problem is the board I got won't let me adjust the CPU ratio so I can't overclock the i5 past the turbo mode of 3.8ghz. The board I have is the Asus P8B75-V and i've tried EVERYTHING to get the settings to stick but nothing. I just got it so i'm thinking I'll return it and get another one so does anyone know of a decent prices mobo that runs the 3570k well. I looked it up in other forums but they're outdated and half the boards they recommend are dicontinued and not available on newegg anymore. This whole thing has frustrated me greatly because after all the time and money I spent I still don't see very good performance. :\ Any suggestions i'm open for. I've been a big gamer since back in the Half Life days but I feel let down by this new hardware.
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  1. I made the mistake of thinking intel fanboys knew what they were talking about...they don't. AMD does perform better than even intels shining 3570k. Benchmarks are BS. I'm gonna go with the Z77 like you recommended and hopw and pray that once this thing gets to 4.5Ghz I start seeing some real performance because at this point my AMD FX beats it in almost every benchmark.
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