Final build checkup before purchase

Hello guys

Im building a new rig for gaming and photo editing in a couple of days.

Just here to do a pre purchase checkup/review. seeking some help from the pros here to see if everything will glue together well and run without conflicting.

Here is my build.

thanks guys!
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  1. Absolutely conflicts whatsoever.
  2. just change the drive to a caviar blue and add a hyper 212 evo for cooling
  3. good to hear! thank you guys for the response!

    can i ask why the caviar blue over the caviar black?

    from what i read blacks are best for performance at the cost of slightly more noise and power consumption, where as blue is more balanced but a bit slower.

    i think im not too fussed about noise and power consumption. or is there something else that makes the blue better?

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    the blues are faster, less power hungry, and less noisy. they are faster due to the 1tb platter technology, they are going to be more relaible as they have less points of failures as you now have less moving parts, they are going to be less noisy as there are fewer moving parts and less power consumption due to less moving parts

    black drives are a total waste of time in other words. the only thing you get is a longer warranty, but if a drive is to fail, it will fail within a year anyways
  5. alrighty, thanks for your help!
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