can i run msi gtx 660 ti pe

i have cm boss gt 550 w should it be ok?
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  1. CM Boss GT 550w? I don't suppose you mean GX 550W. If you do mean that - the set-up should be just fine as the 600 series doesn't have that high power consumption. It can also depend on your other specifications and also if you have overclocked anything? :)
  2. my spec CPU: Intel Core I7 4770k oc
    Mobo: MSI Z87 G41 PC Mate
    Chasis: CM Storm Enforcer
    RAM: Gskill 1x8GB DDR3 1600mhz
    SSD: Plextor M5S 128GB SSD
  3. and the psu only have 1x 6Pin Pci-E and msi gtx 660 ti pe need 2x 6+2 Pin Pci-E what should i do?
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    Well in the case, you're going to need a new Power Supply - I recommend getting a trusty brand like Corsair, you could go for something in the Builder Series. I would also recommend going 550W+ to leave any headroom for upgrades. :)
  5. thanks man..
  6. CM Extreme II 625W should be ok right for msi gtx 660 ti pe to sli?
  7. If you're looking to go SLI I would really recommend a 750w - leaving as much headroom as possible after checking out how much power your system eats is the best way to do it. It means you won't have to face any power issues in the future. :) Also check that the PSU has the appropriate connections to go SLI! :)
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