Why my GT220 isn't running Crysis 2 very well

Hello everyone.I have Point of View GT220 512MB but I can't run Crysis 2 like many others do in YouTube.I can only play in 800x600 Gamer Settings to be playable.Is there any way to improve my card's performance.

My PC has also:
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5Ghz
3GB Ram
200GB HDD 7200rpm
Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit
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  1. It's a very low spec card - you would need to upgrade it to run Crysis 2 well, it's one of the most demanding games out there.
  2. Because this card is very very weak. The "GT" series is for office work. You need something in the "GTX" line-up if you want to play games. Especially Crysis 2 which can be demanding. And yes even if you use very low resolution. Your CPU is borderline too.
  3. Your CPU is fine its your GPU you need to upgrade ASAP.Get a 7750 1gb gddr5 minimum in order to run Crysis 2 or any other game at decent settings and resolution.
  4. mohit9206 said:
    Get a 7750 1gb gddr5 minimum in order to run Crysis 2

    ^ +1

    And if you get this card, make sure this is a version with DDR5 memory.
  5. OK.But why others in YouTube can play this game with better resolution and a lot better fps than me?
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    They may have a better CPU or they could've overclocked. The 7750 GDDR5 is a solid card and should have no issue playing Crysis 2. I wouldn't suggest a more expensive card due to your CPU. You'll run the risk of bottlenecking.
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