Asus GTX680 DCU2 OC vs. ZOTAC GTX770 Amp!

I have my Asus GTX680 DCU2 OC running on my core i7-3770k. Im planning to upgrade my GPU. i read that ZOTAC Amp! is quite promising. so im comparing to Zotac Gtx770 Amp!.
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    The GTX770 is pretty much the SAME as a GTX680, LITERALLY...
    No point in spending money on a GTX770, its not an upgrade.
    BUT if your motherboard and PSU can support another GTX680, why not Crossfire?
  2. byogamingpc said:
    What Pinkie said, just keep your current 680 and possibly SLI it. I'd actually wait for the new AMD series to be released and consider jumping on one of those.

    Greatly depends on what they will be coming up with. :D
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