External Hard Drive is making strange sound and its not at my computer or disk management

Hello, I have seagate 30GB laptop hard drive (I dont know full name), I converted it into external drive by using ide to usb adapter.

I have formated it and used, played ps2 games from it, until I almost transfered one more ps2 game (in the middle of tranfering it stoped and said: could not conect). Thre was full noise of its working until this happend. Now when I conecting it to the pc, there is no sound of windows and it makes crackle sound about a minute, after that it stops and don't make any sounds. Please help!!!

p.s. when its conected its heats up too much I think, and yes I know what is clicking of death its not the same, and yes usb adapter working (tried on other hard drive)
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    The drive is already dead or taking its last breath.
  2. Maybe there is replacible parts such as hard drive board :/ ?
  3. No, you can't do anything about it. Just replacing the PCB will not make it work, there are several other factors that will come to play. So don't try it or think about it.
  4. Why? I now have non formatible seagate 40GB the models are inentical, besides I have nothing to loose
  5. A PCB swap will NOT work on most drives, you MUST transfer the firmware chip as it contains drive specific data. You'll need to be fairly skilled at soldering to do it successfully. A hot air gun will be needed to do the job.

    The PCB usually has an 8-pin serial flash memory chip. This chip stores "adaptive" information that enables the microcontroller to locate the firmware modules in the hidden System Area on the platters. Modern drives also fine tune the heads to account for their spread of characteristics (eg differences in frequency response). These calibration constants are determined at the factory.

    Remove the PCB from both hard drives with star screwdriver. Change the damaged PCB with other one. If your HDD still can’t spin or can’t be recognized, you should also change the BIOS chip on it. If there is no similar 8 pins BIOS chip on the PCB, it means the BIOS chip is included to the Main Chip IC, need some tools to read it from the original pcb and write to the replacement board, or swap the main chip. It is more complex to replace the Main Chip IC than exchange the BIOS chip. You can find a electric shop help you.

    You need to change the ROM chip from original board to the replacement board, in order to make the replacement board compatible with your HDD when you swap burned PCB if your PCB have ROM chip.

    If all this seems to be really easy then go forward. Good luck. And I solely wish you success.
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