Having a hard time between ASUS Z87- Pro/Deluxe

Hello guys.

I'll be buying a new PC soon, with the following config:
Intel Core i7 4770k
2x8GB 1600Mhz (cheapest I can find)
SLI of 2x GTX 770 Lightning
Corsair AX 860 (if I manage to sell my TX950)

I'm planning on overclocking the CPU to the limit so I was wondering...

How much do the extra phases on the Deluxe help with the overclock, seeing as it's nothing too extreme?

The deluxe seems to have a considerably higher price for:
Dual Ethernet
More Sata Ports
More Phases

Would it even justify paying 60£ more?

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  1. Best answer
    No, just get the pro it's damn fine as it is.
  2. ^ Unless you have a bunch of drives and whatnot it really isnt necessary.
  3. Thank you guys.
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