Can FSP Aurum S 500w support my build ?

Im going to build a new system in few weeks and I just wonder that the PSU Aurum S 500w will able to support my build. Im not going to OC or anything, just use the system to play Star craft II and study at College. here are my specs:
Mobo Asus P8H77 V
i5-3470 3.2ghz,
Corsair vengenance 8 gb ddr3 1600 (2x4gb)
1 SSD Kingston 120 gb + 1 seagate HDD 250gb 7200rpm
1 Asus Ati HD 7790 1gb DDR5 VGA card
1 DVD rom
Will the FSP aurum S 500W handle my build well and no shortage in power? Should I upgrade to 600w PSU? Please help me to answer this. thanks
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  1. FSP is decent enough (not the best brand), and 500 watts is also enough for your build
    If want to upgrade your GFX or overclocking intended, in future will 600 watts be good (the age of the PSU will also be longer)
  2. I'd recommend a safer psu if you're attached to your pc....
  3. what is the best brand of PSU right now? In my country, they only have Cooler Master, ACbel, Corsair, FSP (aurum, raider, hexa). so in those brands abobe which one you guys recommend? thank you .
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    Get a corsair
  5. the corsair is GS600W (600W). I think they are 80 plus qualifie . Are they good and reliable?
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