looking to buy new mobo and cpu

My system cpu:i5-650
Ram:normal 6gb
Gpu:gtx650 ti brand new
Psu: huntkey 500watt
Mobo:h55m-e21 msi

Looking for a new mobo and cpu I play bf3 on high but want to upgrade for bf4

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    Whats your budget? I would always recommend this CPU

    and perhaps this mobo

    although the motherboard is really your preference. I wouldn't recommend going haswell just because you might have to look into a new PSU.
  2. No budget just looking to upgrade my old mobo and cpu why not hanswell I've not asked anyone this before
  3. Haswell is very sensitive when it comes to idle voltages. A lot of the existing psu's will not supply low enough voltage for idle on haswell. As a note, your psu is shakey at best - huntkey has had some pretty severe ripple issues and is not known for its quality. You should really think about getting a quality psu - if the huntkey goes, its liable to take your cpu, gpu, m/b and maybe your house with it.

    Also, the increase in performance of haswell over ivy or sandy is not that great and, IMO, not worth the price.
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