what psu should i use??

my spec: Intel Core i5 3570
Gskill SNIPER 2x4GB DDR3 1600mhz
Asrock Z77-E ITX
WD 1TB Caviar Blue
Samsung 22x Sata DVDRW
Leadtek GTX670 2GB DDR5
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  1. that depend's on your budget. also instead of that version of GTX 670 get one's from asus, gigabyte MSi etc, they are mroe reliable. or you can also get a HD 7970.
  2. Corsair CX500 will be sufficient.
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    Yep, pretty much any quality 500 watt PSU will be more than sufficient. My own 3570k with a 670 (only I have 2 spinning disks and an SSD) pulls 310 watts from the wall at it's peak. A 500 watt PSU will cover almost any single video card system these days.
  4. thank guys
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