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80 Pin SCSI to Sata or IDE

Ok.. Im at work right now ((DOing computer repair)), but I have gotten a customer, a local TV Station, that has had one of their storage drives completely die, and they have a back up but we need to mirror it onto a new drive.

THe kicker... THe drive we got to mirrior is a 80 Pin SCSI on a Seagate Cheetah 15K.4 36GB.. And we have nothing here that can convert those drives to SATA or IDE for use to Mirror.

We need to be able to convert the 80 Pin SCSI to IDE or Sata so we can use our Linux system to do a drive Mirror on the TV Stations local storage.

I have had no luck searching for one, so Im coming to everone here to see if anyone knows of any way.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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  2. That will work we just need to get a 80 Pin SCSI cable to connect it to the SCSI Adapter.
  3. Someone Somewhere said:

    +1. You just need to install the appropriate SCSI adapter. There is no means to connect a SCSI device directly to a IDE or SATA interface.
  4. That's still SCSI to SCSI.

    Your best bet is a cheap controller card with appropriate cable to the drive.
  5. Someone Somewhere said:

    That is a "Ultra SCSI" to "SCSI 1" converter. Still requires the appropriate SCSI adapter plugged into the motherboard.
  6. Look in the first post. You'll need both.
  7. This card will work. i have it and have a modified driver for it to work on Windows 7+

    get that and then get this adapter

    and then get a 68 pin cable unless you have one.
  8. Three year old post...
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