Which is best for gaming & Overclocking Triple GTX 780s,Dual Gtx 780s,Dual GTX Titans,Or Triple GTX Titans?

Also I'm gonna use a Custom Loop (Water Cooling) Cause I'm gonna get the classified or the regular Hyrdro Copper Series.Like i said on top I'm gonna be using this for gaming and overclocking.I'm gonna use A Overclocked Intel i7 3930K Overclocked to about 4.8Ghz,I'm gonna use a single monitor,I'm gonna use a 2560x1600 Or a 2560x1440 Monitor,I'm gonna be playing on Ultra settings,And I'm gonna be playing on Ultra settings.I'm gonna be playing on games like The Battlefield Series,The Tomb Raider Series,The Mass Effect Series,The Saints Row Series,The Hitman Series,The Crysis Series,The Batman Series,The Elder Scrolls Series,The Mirrors Edge Series,The Resident Evil Series,The Dead Rising Series,The Bioshock Series,The Assasins Creed Series,The Medal Of Honor Series,The Arma Series,The Far Cry Series,The Grand Theft Auto Series,The Half Life Series,The Max Payne Series,The Fallout Series,And Other Big AAA Games (Sorry For the Long List).The Specs are A GPU that can Overclock either 1100Mhz or 1200Mhz,A GPU can give maybe a bit or a lot over 50FPS,A GPU that is Future Proof For maybe 1 or 2 Years Or longer (Basiclly the Ultra settings will last),A GPU that Has A long Warranty or a lifetime warranty,A GPU that can overclock as high as 1200Mhz or 1100Mhz,And A GPU that Can max any Big AAA games for a couple of years maybe 1 or 2 Years or Longer (Yes i know i put a spec above that said future proof which it's basiclly the same).
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    Triple SLI generally doesn't scale well, but it does in a few specific games. Unless you are doing extremely high resolutions (like triple monitors for instance, where 1920x1080x3 is a smidgen over 50% more pixels than 2560x1600), then you probably don't need that kind of pixel pushing power anyway. My suggestion would be to get the best dual card solution that the budget allows, which sounds like the 2xTitans in this case.
  2. Titan is a waste of money no matter how you look at it, and anything over 2x 780 is very difficult to justify.
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