Need USB Flash drive, thoughts on brands?

Is there any particular brand of USB flash drive that is considered better than others right now? Last I checked, Corsair was the way to go. Any other thoughts? Form doesn't matter to me, though I prefer those that aren't chunky and can't fit next to things plugged into adjacent ports. I need at least 32GB and 3.0 isn't necessary but it would be nice.
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    I think if you read it from here and choose according to what criteria you want them benchmark there are 18 available benchmark tests chosse accordingly:,144.html
  2. My go to drives are sandisk cruzers. I've actually never had one fail and still carry the 4gb which is the first one of those that I bought. LoL

    The extreme doesnt seem to get good reviews though :-(

    The only USB3 I've bought weren't really for my personal/everyday use.

    I have one of these Adata's, its a couple of years old now.

    And I bought one of these Patriots for my cousin which is over a year old now and still going
  3. Thanks guys. I got the Corsair Voyager GT 3.0. It blows all other 32GB drives away in the benchmark tests.
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