GTX 770 Lightning 2gb vs Other 4gb models.


Prices for the Lightning 2GB are the equivalent of other 770's with 4GB.

I know it's silly to think about 'future proofing', but I don't intend to upgrade any time soon.

I currently game @ 1680x1050 @ 120hz and will be buying a 770 SLI.

I intend to buy a 1440p in the future, or maybe a Surround with 3x1080p.

Would it be worth trading the higher clock rates & nice components of the Lightning for another model with 4gb?

Thank you.
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  1. u should get the 4Gb versions, they will be helpful in SLI and in the long run
  2. byogamingpc said:
    I'd recommend going with the Gigabyte GTX 770 WF 4GB especially if you plan to increase your resolution and SLI later. Plus you can always OC it.

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