Harddrive makes a clicking sound.

So I was playing a game, when all of a sudden it locks up. It's been doing it recently and I thought nothing of it, I turn the PC off.
I turn the PC back on and it doesn't detect the harddrive, it then boots up into recovery, from there I reboot the PC back into windows as usual but this time I hear a clicking noise inside the PC.

Doing some research I think it's the hard drive that's making the sound.
Does this mean it's going to fail on me soon? Any other way around it other than to get a new one?
I don't know the exact model but I've had this HD probably a year and a half.
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  1. If I remember it right you get 2 year garanty minimum in europe (don't know in other country's)
    But i've had the same problem and in my experience i will say that its going to fail ,yes...
    bring it back for garanty or buy a new one :|
    (also in my experience ive only had it with seagate hdd's never had it with western digital but that's another discussion)
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    It's dead Jim. Rather it will be soon. That clicking noise is the sound a broken hard drive makes. Copy everything off of it while you still can before it becomes unrecoverable.
  3. Good time to invest in an SSD then I guess.
    Thanks guys.
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