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Hey there, I'm upgrading to anew pc with in 2 weeks , as my old one is outdated. My current one has windows 7 professional 64 bit but I won't be using the hard drives installed, so I was wondering if I could uninstall the OS (note I do not have the box/key) and reinstall it on a my new computer? Thanks
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  1. No you don't even have the key. There is absolutely no way to install it again.

    Even if you had the key, you would only be able to install it on a new system if your windows 7 copy was a retail version and not an OEM version. If your windows 7 came installed on your pc, it is an OEM version.
  2. if you have a retail version then you can reuse the key (you'll still have to find a disc to install with and extract the key from your old computer first - which can be done, oczdude8), but you can only use it on ONE machine at a time (meaning you'll have to destroy/wipe your old HDD before you activate windows on your new computer).
    if you have an OEM version then you cannot reuse the key, it can only be used on the computer it was first activated on. you can re-install and upgrade that computer but you can't reuse its OEM key on a different one.

    if windows came pre-installed on your old computer then it's probably OEM, if you bought windows yourself and it came in a box with a manual and whatnot then you probably have a retail version.
  3. Thanks for quick reply, so let me get this straight there is no way unles I wipemy drive, (by the way it is retail) so if I were to get hold of a disc from a friend, would there be a way to find the key I'm using now by going through BIOS (I have no IDE that why I'm asking) then wipe the drive and reinstall it on my new one?
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    in that case, yes if you can get the CD and since its retail, just follow this:

    Also, yes you would have to wipe your old windos 7 off before installing it on a new system (legally).
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