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So I built my computer last year sometime, when i used it first times it froze alot, I wasn't sure why. changed a few things, bought better upgrades. it started to hardly ever do it. only when watching MKV or things that really stress it I guess. just last night I added hydro H100i and the Haf advanced full tower. now its doing it from just looking at pictures to long. Its been looked at, still no results. im not gonna keep giving people money for nothing. If anyone has any ideas of why its freezing like this do let me know. I had the Noctua NH-D14 in before the H100i and the problem was rarely around.

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  1. Make and model of your psu?

    Have you run Intel Burn Test and/or LinX? Have you run any video stress tests such as Furmark or ATI Tool?

  2. i tried some of those. For some reason nothing happens with them on. yet basicly doing nothing but browsing net freezes it. the Powersupply is a Enermax
  3. MKV is not very well supported as yet and might be part of your issue. Try watching an avi or mpg and see if you still get the frame drops.

    You might also want to run a good virus/rootkit scan.
  4. It did it after fresh installs of windows aswell. Avi lasts longer but would still do it. im really starting to think it just hates me lol. plays games fine, has its days. Freezes while looking on internet. or watching videos. How odd. I have Duel 27' displays if that matters?
  5. Could it be your ISP is throttling your speeds?
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