Green texture problem in battlefield 3

I recently started playing battlefield 3 and when i go onto some maps with lots of open space and grass, the grass turns bright green and i have flat green shapes on the ground. I researched and it was mostly nvidia people having this problem but i have a hd7970 and i still get it. I have tried changing the drivers and it hasn't worked. What can i do to fix this?
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    its a driver issue, you need to fresh install your drivers and wipe driver remnants using driver fusion.
    grab the latest beta drivers also.

    uninstal current driver and dont restart.
    run driver fusion amd driver cleaner and restart.
    install latest beta as display and hdmi driver only.

    should sort the problem.
  2. ok thanks, i will let you know my results
  3. I still have the same problem, do you know of any other ways it could be fixed?
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