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Other forums say that W7 Homegroups are not designed with the intention of transfering massive files >10gb. I'd like to use a program that maxes out the gigabit LAN network of my house. Any suggestions?
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    What are the speeds you are seeing when using your W7 Homegroup?

    I never knew transfer speeds are affected by something such as homegroups... I would think they are solely dependent on your hardware. This feature of the OS shouldn't boggle speeds down.

    There may be compression software but for gigabit LAN speeds in a home network - I find that to be overkill unless someone else knows a good compression software or something that performs similarly.
  2. i would enable jumbo frames on all your computers network cards for local file transfers. should see a small but noticeable improvment.
  3. Being your drives are going to have a hard time reading and writing anywhere near gigabit speeds I dont think I would be overly concerned with this.

    Jumbo frames and a bigger receive window may help, but then again they could also cause file corruption more often so it is 6 of one and a half dozen of another.
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