1600 Bus Speed ram showing 800 in this normal?


I just recently purchased a pc. I am running 32Gb Ram in dual channel mode. I am using 4 sticks of 8gb 1600 Bus speed Ram. My Bios Shows 1600 Mhz. Bur CPU-Z is showing 800Mhz. Is this unusual? Am I supposed to be seeing 1600 Mhz in CPU-Z as well? Screenshot is given below.

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  1. double data rate ram or DDR 800*2=1600
  2. So does that mean I'm good?
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    Yes, that's normal, as explained above it's 800x2, but those timings look awful loose - CL11 on 1600 sticks is very high, norm is about CL9, is this value DRAM? What is the model #?
  4. Thanks people

    Tradesman1, Yes these are value ram, I dont have a lot of options when purchasing ( bcuz of my location ). But I want to make sure that my pc is running to its max potential. I dont have much knowledge about CAS# Latency. How is it being 11 affecting me? Can i get it down to 9?

    u_gonna_squeal_b4_we_cookya, I am mainly gonna be using After Effects.
  5. Could try maybe 10-11-11-28 and add + 0.05 to the DRAM voltage and see what that does, what CPU and mobo?
  6. Fx8350 and Gigabyte 990Xa GD55...will I see any noticable improvement with optimizing the Ram's latencies a little bit?
  7. Depends on what all you do, if so wouldn't be a ton
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