need urgent help please!!! w/ video

so i just made this computer, i know the wiring is horrible but i just wanted to see if it works, but i keep getting "reboot or select proper device". I am not sure if im missing a cable on the third to the right of the storage ( nothings plugged in) - please help
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  1. ive got the seagate barrucda 7200rpm 1tb 3.5
  2. You have to go into the BIOS and select the proper boot device.
  3. what should i boot from, optical drive or storagE?
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    You don't have to plug anything in the empty port it for jumper setting for master/slave configuration. If you are using this drive from an old PC, than just insert a bootable media (DVD/USB) in ODD and repair install the OS. Make the ODD as first boot device in BIOS. That's it.

    Or check the connections between MB and HDD(Interface/Power).

    Or, if it is a new drive with no OS in it then install OS.
  5. ok so i get to the bios now, i picked the optical drive for boot from, now up looking up on youtube what to do nextxD
  6. Newegg build video part 3.
  7. i cant seem to put my case on , the leads from the storage are sticking out to much...
  8. Restart the PC with the media inside the ODD. You can see "Press any key to boot from CD/DVD" just press any key and from there on follow the on-screen procedure and clean install or repair install OS.

    I think you placed the HDD in wrong direction, it will be just opposite to what you did.
  9. PSU is upside down. Turn it over.
    HDD is in backwards. Spin it around and run the power cable thru to the otherside.

    In fact you can run most of your cables thru to the other side and clean up the look.

    is that a 200R case? kind of looks like it.
  10. its a zalman z5 plus, the power supply is upside down? :O the writing and stuff is the right way so i woudlnt of thought so
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