New pc cant boot os from FreeDOS.

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SO, how do I boot from this screen? I tried 3 different and reportedly working dvds with operating systems on them. Same screen. I made a bootable usb. same screen. And I do change the boot order. But is this screen even related to these procedures?

Samsung NP300E5V-A03IL
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  1. What are you trying to do? Looks like it booted to the DOS prompt just fine.
  2. And the "no drives assigned. Shsucdx can't install", is that normal?

    I want to try install an os. But with or without a dvd/usb with an os in the corresponding boot order, the same screen appears.
    Also I don't know how to use freedos, its like another language.

    The live dvd and usb words on a different laptop but not mine.
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    You need to add some more detail as to what you are trying to do, what OS you are trying to install, what disks you have, etc...

    From the looks of things, the computer you have has FreeDOS installed. Is that not what you want on it? If not, what are you trying to install and what disks or USB disks are you trying to use? Are you sure your laptop can boot from USB and has a DVD drive not just a CD drive? The DVD drive can also be broken.

    Do you see a "hit a key to boot from disk" message? You should have a key to hit on the laptop to bring up a boot menu where you can select device to boot from, hit that key and see if things are listed there. If you don't know what key that is, look in the manual for your model.
  4. My dvd/cd drive was broken, It's been fixed at an IBM lab. Thank you all~ :)
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