Computer fails to boot, no POST beep

Long time lurker here, but first time posting a question so I apologize if this is the wrong place.

I'm fixing a computer for a friend of mine and have run into some difficulty. When I received the computer, my friend told me that his computer had been taken over by the Federal Government and demanded a MoneyPak card. Clearly it was a type of Reveton Virus (http://) and I knew exactly how to get rid of it. He gave me the whole computer (Old Dell Dimension 5120 with Windows 7 upgrade) and I proceeded to go to work on it. First time turning it on, it did not boot and I thought that was weird. Asked him if it worked before he gave it to me and he noted that sometimes the computer did not turn on and he would flip the red switch on the back of the PSU (voltage converter switch) and the computer would boot. Well after he told me about this, I figured the board was possibly fried and would need to be replaced. Later the next day I tried to boot the computer and give it another crack at it. Lo and behold, it booted up successfully and confirmed it was the Reveton virus. I was able to get rid of the virus successfully and keep all his files intact (he is very into music production and has tons of files) and the computer seemed to operating correctly. Then came the day I returned it to him and only a few hours after I gave it back, he called me up and told me it was not booting again. I did a home visit and the same boot problem was occurring again.

A couple of things to note are when I first received the computer, there was no POST beep, but the day after when it finally did boot, there was, and when I did the home visit, there again was no POST beep. The computer also booted up without problem an hour before giving it back to him.

So I think the motherboard is fried and now he wants me to pay for it, because it was in my care when it first started happening and he is refusing to pay me for the virus removal. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. boosted1g said:
    I assume the fans come on when you press the power button, it just does not display anything?

    Does the computer have dedicated graphics or integrated graphics?

    Try different memory (or move it aorund in the slots) and see if that helps, can also try a different psu and if possible a different cpu.

    If it is hardware failure issue I would do two things:

    I would tell him that the switch on the psu on the back is to switch it from 110 to 220 and he should not have been messing with that switch because it can easily damage the hardware and that is what has happend here.

    If he does not want to pay, let him know that without your help he wont be able to access his files.

    Fans, lights, and etc. come on when the power button is pushed.

    Integrated graphics.

    Moved the memory around to no avail. Don't have a spare cpu/psu for this computer.

    My thoughts exactly, but he is adamant that it is my fault. Pretty much just an excuse for him to weasel out of our arrangement. Thank you!
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