How can I tell if my video card is okay

I decided to push my GTX 680 to the limit today on MSI afterburner (increasing both core and memory clocks to the limit) and after running several satisfactory benchmarks the screen got all wonky and weird shapes and colored lines started appearing on the desktop. I decided to run OCCT error test and instantly there were over 10000 errors.

So I decreased by overclock to a level I knew to be stable (+150, +440 memory) and restarted my computer to get rid of the wonky artifacts and now I've been running OCCT with 0 errors so far 20 minutes in.

Is my video card okay? I'm hoping the lines appeared because I didn't give it enough voltage or power to sustain the max overclock and not because of actual damage to the gpu itself.
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    As long as the card is running fine once you removed the over clock then you should be good. Sounds like you just hit the limit at which your gpu was stable that's all.
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