First build, looking for opinions.

So I decided to build my next comp for the first time. I'm familiar with hardware a bit from taking extensive comp. tech. classes in HS, but that was 10+ years ago. The build went fine, but in my ignorance I purchased an i7 4770k (got a good deal), so now I feel like I should try to use the damn thing and overclock. I was planning to just use ASUS 4-way optimization, but alas I bought a CPU/mobo combo with the z87-A, which does not have this feature despite having the AI-suite 3.
For context, I don't care all that much as far as overclocking for a hobby, I just want to play games maxed while having iTunes and maybe a livestream going on my 2nd monitor. I mainly play league of legends (which isn't intensive), but will also be playing the new battlefield. Is there a very basic level of overclocking I could try (auto-tune in AI-suite 3?), or should I just not bother?

Core i7 4770k w/ Hyper 212 Evo
ASUS z87-A
8gb corsair vengeance 1600
Corsair tx650W PSU (from old PC)
ATI Radeon HD5770 (from old PC)

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    COuld start just setting multiplier to 40 - will prob run that with stock vCore, then can take vCore to 1.2 and try multiplier at 44 if no joy try that with 43
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