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I'm new to the site and love all the info I've gathered from the forums so far. The last part I need help with is compatibility and spending the money where it benefit me the most. With the current plan the price adds up to a little over $1300. This is the list so far:

NZXT Phantom 410 Case $88.00
i7 4770k & ASRock Z87-Extreme4 ATX LGA MotherBoard $375.00
Antec KUHLER H2O Water Cooling $55.00
G Skill Ripjaws X 16gb DDR3 2133 $139.99
eVGA GTX770 Superclocked ACX Cooling 2GB GDDR5 $410.00
Corsair CX750 Modular 750 Watt ATX $84.99
Extreme SDSSDX 120GB SSD $100.00
Toshiba 1TB Hard-Drive 7200RPM $59.99
LG 24x DVD+RW Writer $15.99

This will be a straight gaming PC, playing Crysis 3, BF, multiboxing D3, at the highest settings and be able to do the same for next gen games, I plan on holding onto the rig for a while. Also went for the liquid cooling because I plan on overclocking the CPU slightly.

I would appreciate it if someone with some experience could give me suggestions and maybe dropping parts that are overkill and saving me some money or spending it on another part where I will get more gaming performance for my buck.

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    My rule of thumb in the bang 4 the buck build is to never spend more than $225.00 on a GPU. You will, historically speaking, need a new one every 18-24 months anyway. If this was my build, the only thing I would change is the GPU and use that extra money in a larger SSD or larger monitor. That being said, I can see why you selected that GPU given the games you're going to be running.
  2. I agree with skit75. While I've spent more than that, there was always another reason (e.g. bitmining, which has brought the cost of my HD7970 down to around $200), and over the years, I've probably overspent more on graphics cards than anywhere else. While I don't play the latest shooters, even the most graphically demanding games I play (GW2 and Neverwinter) can be played on "good" (e.g. mostly high, +/- a notch here or there) settings at 1920x1080 on a "mere" GTX650Ti (not even a Boost).
  3. Any ideas on the memory? I have read that getting pc-2133 memory is overkill for gaming and that going with the 1600s or 1800s mhz would not slow me down and save some money. Also how is the mobo with that setup, I have little knowledge when it comes to motherboards and want to make sure I am not getting something that's already behind the curve.
  4. The motherboard is fine. DDR3-1600 is sufficient for the RAM. The faster stuff doesn't make a lot of difference in games, but will overclock higher and do better in benchmarks. IMHO it isn't worth the price premium, but if you're a big time tweaker you might consider it.
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