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My Buffalo LinkStation 421 went TU -- just the storage frame, not the drives. It had 2 WD 500 GB Caviar drives with over 225 GB of video files.

When I put one of the drives in an external enclosure with a USB i/f and connect it to my PC it shows up as 4 drive letters, 3 small sized ones and one that has most of the disk allocated to it, all with a "RAW" file system.

I don't want to lose my data but I don't want to buy another Buffalo NAS either.

Is there any way to pull the stored files off and onto one of my NTFS drives?

Thanks in advance,

Redmond, WA
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  1. RAID 0 strips the data across all the drives you use so no one file is on any one drive. The only way you are going to get the data from them is to have them up and running in that same RAID 0 set (Drive 0 from the previous set is still Drive 0 and so on). You may be able to get around it without buying the same NAS, but you could be asking for problems if you try it.
  2. I've worked on these before and if the drives are indeed sound recovery should be possible. But as stated you will need both drives connected to reassemble the RAID0.

    The LinkStation like many of these types of NAS devices uses Linux Software RAID under the hood. So if you connect both drives to your computer then boot up a Linux Live CD it's very possible it may reassemble the RAID0 for you and allow you to recover.
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    Why don't you email Buffalo. Ask if you can attach the drives to your computer using the on board raid setup. Most motherboards have this setup.
    You would need to know what the drives were formatted with (Ext, Ext3, Ext3)
    Here is a link to a page explaining how you might be able to retrieve the data yourself:
    This is not for the faint of heart.
  4. Thanks all. I'll contact Buffalo and see what help they can offer.

    I'll post back but I'm guessing the first response was the one I'll get from them as well -- replace the LinkStation 421.
  5. New LS421e and all is back as it was before.

    Thanks everyone.
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