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My friend is upgrading his pre-built PC. It's a HP p6-2002uk, specs here. He wants to upgrade his CPU/GPU to pretty much as high as he can go without a new PSU and MOBO. So far I found CPU and GPU. Just wanted to know if this is the highest spec he'll get and are they compatible with his PC. Don't wanna tell him to buy these and then they don't work.


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  1. The Spec site only list Llano and E2's on the CPU upgrade list, which may just be suggested upgrades, but there's a slight chance it could be the bios is locked out against other CPU's. Still worth a try.

    Jumping up to a 100w CPU and adding another 75w draw (the GPU) might be risky. HP PSU's are notoriously bad and aren't usually good for the advertised wattage (they advertise peak wattage, not sustainable wattage). I'd recommend a PSU upgrade even though you're trying to avoid it. I haven't seen the corsair CX's on the crazy sales they were on a couple months ago, but if you can find the CX430 for $20 like i did, it's a steal.
  2. According to the HP web site you provided the CPU, you picked is not supported.

    These are the ones that are
    AMD A8-3850 (Liano) quad core 100W
    AMD A8-3800 (Liano) quad core 65W
    AMD A6-3650 (Liano) quad core 100W
    AMD A6-3600 (Liano) quad core 65W
    AMD A4-3400 (Liano) dual core 65W
    AMD E2-3200 (Liano) dual core 65W
  3. an Athlon II X4 638 is the best possible cpu(doubt hp supports it tho)

    a hd7750 for the gpu lowest power drawer but gives terrific performance
  4. So are those not just suggestions but instead the only ones that will work?
  5. It's hard to know, as HP isn't likely to give you that information. I'd say it probably will work, as BIOS based cpu lockout is mostly something done to laptops.
  6. Okay i think we'll get the AMD one that's supported. Say we upgrade the PSU to the CX430, does that allow for a better graphics card? Or is it best just to stick with the Radeon 7750
  7. yeah, you could jump up higher on the GPU with that, you could easily do a 7770, 7790, or a 7850 even (though i know people will come and say the 7850 has a suggested 500w requirement, this is very conservative, i have a 125w CPU and a 7850 on a CX430 and both at full load draw much less than 400w)
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