New router and now cannot see printer on TCPIP port but other computers fine - any ideas?

Hi guys,
I recently installed a super douper new Billion wireless router to replace my old Zoom. We have two PCs on the network, and an HP4600n colour laser with a jet direct card working on ip The ADSL died on the Zoom but all else was fine - ie the printer was visible. The new router, a Billion 7800DXL, works beautifully on the PCs (one Vista, one XP) and the wireless coverage is exceptional. However the printer cannot be contacted. The connection light for the printer shows orange while the good connections are green.
I have tried a ping to no avail. Any ideas?
BTW it's a Workgroup rather than fully fledged network, although I cannot think that that will make a difference.
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    Print out the network test page on the printer, compare the settings to the computers IP settings (do an ipconfig /all command).
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