Can i buy this graphic card to run new gen games ?

I am thinking to buy a EVGA GTX 760 FTW w/ ACX 4GB but i am afraid to buy cause i don't know if BF4, Watch_Dogs, and other new upcoming games will work with this graphic card so any advice ?
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  1. what resolution monitor? what is the specs of your system?
  2. Look i got a i5 2300 2.8GHz, 8Gb Ram, 24Inch Monitor play games on 1080p and need anything more ?
  3. is the computer a Dell or box-store bought? did you build it? does it currently have a graphics card?
  4. Yes i build it and yes it haves AMD 6670 and i run bf3 ultra with resolution 1280x720
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    yes, you will have much better graphics with the 760, but the one you are looking at is $320...if you save $70 more you can get a GTX 770...and at 1080, you won't really need more than 2GB of vram.
  6. Yeah that is the problem i live in Israel it have a difference about money.... but if any way thanks for the help i will buy the 2GB SC that is 50$ cheaper than the FTW 4GB :D
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