How are these temps for an FX-8350?

I recently completed my first build and I'm running an FX-8350 with a Cooler Master Seidon 120M cooler. I have yet to overclock anything, but my idle temps are running around 26-28 with a spike to about 55-56 running Prime95.

Are these ranges good, or should I reinstall the cooler and reapply the thermal paste?
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  1. That is a high TDP CPU, you have to bare in mind that it will run hot even at stock speeds. In my view, they are sorta normal? But have never experienced a 8350 so don't take my word for it.
  2. That's a great idle temp, but i'm surprised your prime 95 run got you that high, my air cooled (hyper 212+) 6300 @ 4GHz only hits 55ish when i run Prime 95. Then again, you're running 8 cores vs my 6, and at a 125w TDP, so that's not bad. You may want to ramp up the cooling profile a bit on the radiator fan, though really, you'll never see those temps in actual usage unless you're doing renders.
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    60C core temperature is nowhere near the worry zone on any current CPU.

    70C is where people usually start worrying.

    80C usually either means something has gone wrong with the HSF unless you are overclocking/over-volting somewhat aggressively

    90C is where problems usually begin with AMD CPUs running at stock clock.
    100C for Ivy Bridge and Haswell CPUs.

    So, 60C is no big deal - you are 30C below the point where you should really be worried.
  4. Thanks. As this was my first time with a "real" PC (not something packaged by Dell and overpriced), I was looking at the wrong number. I was going off socket temp (or, as it was labeled, CPU temp) and not core temp. I've since started monitoring core temp and overclocked my chip to 4.5Ghz. I am now hitting 62 under load and around 22 idling.
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