Which gtx 770 is best for me

Hey, I'm just simply wondering for a new build I'm purchasing with in a week I will be getting a gtx 770 but will be upgrading in a few months and get another one to sli, now I'm wondering which brand of 770 would be vp best for me, I'll be gaming on a single 1080p but have another screen which will be connected but will not use for gaming. By brands I mean like asus, gain ward, palit, msi, evga ect. It would also be great to know the model of the as I know each brand makes two kinds of 770s an over clock version (4gb) and a regular version with some brands making a 3rd for super clock for windforce (extra cooling)

I will be using this for in order of use gaming/video editing, rendering/ 3d graphic design. Thanks a bunch
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  1. Best 770 is the MSI N770 ..... use 2GB for up to 1920 x 1200 ..... use 4GB at 2560 x 1600 or above

    Asus and Gigabyte next in line ..... everyone else after that.
  2. Ok thanks, but if I want to sli, and then get 3 screens would 2x 2bg be good enough or 2 4bg making 8gb?
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    There are alot of cards in the market.

    but i will give you the best cards so you can narrow your choices.

    EVGA GTX 770 SC with ACX Cooling - #1 Leading Nvidia GPU Manufacturer. and this ACX Cooling have better bearings. means it will last longer than you think. :lol:

    MSI N770 OC Lightning - Twin Frozr Cooling (One of the best cooling until now). and they innovative "ARC Reactor" Design.

    Gigabyte GTX 770 WF OC - You see GPU has 2 fans. But only them implemented the 3-fan cooling with copper base fins. and they are the MOST reputable brand in GPU Cooling solution.

    Asus DCU II - They improved their cooling design. and one of the best manufacturer there is.
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