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I'm in the market for a new graphics card (budget of £120) and I'm not very good at this sort of stuff so if anyone could link me to a good and cheap graphics card that would be great also it would be nice if it could play in 1080p

any help is greatly apprerciated :)
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  2. would a intel core i7 3770 cpu @ 3.40 GHz be able to run it? (just to make sure)
  3. Without a single doubt.
  4. awesome thankyou for the help :D
  5. No problem, I'm here for that, sir !
    Remember to pick your solution.

    Also, a little question just to make sure that everything will work for you. What is your actual build ?
  6. byogamingpc said:

    The HD 7850 is sold for the same price, and has better performances than the GTX 650 Ti, so I don't agree on this one.
  7. you know the processor as it says
    ram: 8GB
    graphics card: GeForce GT620
    64 bit operating system
    x64 based processor
  8. What PSU do you have ? Wattage+brand.
  9. intel i7 3770 cpu @ 3.40 GHz
  10. Oh sorry, meant PSU.
  11. I'm not sure because i didn't build the pc it was a christmas present :S and you need to open it up to find out right?
  12. You might find some sticker on it with those informations, without having to actually open the PSU (which I really don't recommend you to do).
  13. nope i cant find one but the actual pc is a hp pavillion p6 series desktop if that helps in anyway
  14. Looks like a random branded 300W power supply. You'll need to buy another one, before you think about changing the graphics card.

    This PSU would be a good choice for you :
  15. what one would you recommend for a cheap price also?
  16. Added it to my previous post.
  17. is there anything else maybe a bit cheaper because i'm on a budget? :/
  18. No, that was the cheapest I could find. But you could cut on the graphics card, get an HD 7770 :, the PSU that I proposed you, and then maybe get another new GPU when you'll have more money. Or just get a PSU for now, and wait to get an HD 7850. But you'll for sure need the PSU BEFORE a new GPU.
  19. i'll probably buy the psu first then wait and buy an HD 7850 thankyou for your help
  20. No problem, I'm here for that.
  21. Yes it will. This card is relatively short.
  22. ok awesome and one last question are there any other graphics cards that give out the same performance as the HD 7850 at a lower price that you would recommend?
  23. Nope, it really is the best for this price. It is even better than a few cards that actually cost more.
  24. ok thanks i know youve said its what your here for but its very much appreciated :)
  25. Haha, always happy to help.
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