Physx. How does it work?

Basically, I'm getting an AMD 7970 and want something similar to Physx. I like the breaking glass and papers blowing around (it's the little details that count). It doesnt need to be Physx, but I want something similar on my AMD card.

So, let me rephrase that so it makes more sense :P I read about running Physx with an AMD card using your processor. I am fine with that, but I don't know how. The real question is, do I need to install any special Physx drivers of software or can I just get by with only AMD catalyst and drivers? (eg. the game automatically using my CPU for Physx processing...
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    The game will automatically use the CPU when you enable PhysX in the game settings. No need for any special software or drivers in that case. Everything will be installed by the game.

    Be aware, some games will not allow PhysX to be enabled (the setting will be grayed out) in the absence of an Nvidia card. Also be aware that you will need a very fast processor, and even then you might only be able to enable PhysX at Medium settings, if at all. Enabling PhysX on the CPU will drastically reduce your FPS, so you will need to play around to get playable performance. Borderlands 2 is a good game to try CPU PhysX with as it is one of the few games where Medium settings are possible on the CPU.
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