Can't decide which out of these 3 builds for game design and gaming?

This will be my first build and I've been looking up a lot of info online. I'm not sure which one to go for or if there's anything anyone would like to suggest. I would be primarily using it for gaming/ game design....

I live in Australia as well..
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    I would definitely go for build 2. The i5 haswell will last you a long time, and out performs any other CPU you have listed. Also your case seems kind of pricey for the features shown, so see if you can find a better one. Good luck with your build :).
  2. thanks for the opinion
  3. definetly build 2 the cpu is the best easily also is there anything different in the builds other than the cpu and mobo? nice case btw a bit pricey but a very good one.
  4. thanks :)
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