Can you use ViDock for Sony Vaio Tap 20?

I am a complete dummy wrt computer hardware. Am looking into buying the Sony Tap 20. But it has Intel Integrated 4000 which is crap. I noticed ViDock offers some external upgrade options.

Will it (ViDock) work on Sony Vaio Tap 20 (without requiring a new monitor)? If so how?

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    Unless the Sony has an Express Card connection then no. Besides, the ViDock alone will cost you 2 to 3 hundred dollars. Then add a few hundred for the graphics card and it starts getting pretty expensive. If you haven't got the Tap 20 yet, it would be far better to get a regular tower where you could just pop a decent card into.
  2. The Tap 20 is perfect for me in terms of size, portability, price & performance. I just didn't want it to be lacking in a good grapics card too. Wish it were more powerful...
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