HELP Minecraft Server Problems- Firewall? Port Forward?

Hey guys, I had a minecraft server, but then I change modem and know it doesnt work. I tried re-portforwarding it, re-making it, everything. I even checked my firewall settings but i'm not sure... I have windows 7, and im trying to run a bukkit server.

All help would be greatly appreciated!!
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  1. nastysos said:
    Have you check your antivirus? one reason is your anti virus is blocking all the port forwarding on your system..why not try ip proxies.

    Yep, already tried that
  2. Best answer
    Ok since you already port forwarded you know the steps, here are some solutions:
    1. Since you have a new modem your router IP and your Computer IP may have changed.
    2. Check your network settings and find your computer's Internal IP
    3. I'm not sure but your external IP might of change not allowing people onto your server.
    4. If you have a new modem your port forwarding program might be different.
    5. We need more information: What modem, Will your server even bind the port, What's the problem with the forwarding
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