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hey guys sorry if iam being a noob;but iam pretty weak in this section of computing.

i have a asus p8z77-vlx mobo, now i want to share my wired internet connection of desktop wirelessy with my moblie(nexus 4).i know my mobo doesnt have a inbuilt wireless card so i may have to buy one'but i have no idea wat kind of card will i need to do this.

iam using this software for virtual router,but cant really understand what kind of extra hardware do i need.
software iam using:

is this the card i need:

or this one

please help me with this one guys.
any opinions n suggestions are appreciated
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    Either one should work; however, when buying the USB one get an extension like the one shown with this network card:

    if you buy the PCI card, buying an antenna like this would be advisable:

    either one will improve your reception since you will have better line of sight
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