i5 4670K in asrock z87 extreme 4 overclocking questions

Hi Guys,
First time on tom's hardware as a poster. I have read fair bit of forums in regards to overclocking i5 4670K. I have started my journey couple of days ago and I still have questions. IF anyone could help that would be great.
I'm trying to achieve 4.4GHz overclock with relatively good temps (if possible)
My rig:
i5 4670K
Asrock z87 extreme 4
G.SKILL ARES 2x4 1600 1.5V
Thermaltake Smart 750W Bronze 80+
Gigabyte SOC GTx680
Thermaltake F3 CPU cooler.
Samsung 840 120GB SSD.

Okay so questions and experiences are as follow.
I have tried to get 4.3GHz stable OC but It did not happen yet. I decided to back off and step by step make my way up.
What I've done in BIOS is as following.
CPU input voltage: Auto
Cpu Override Voltage: 1.2 (Override Mode)
Cpu Voltage offset: 0.002
Cpu Cache Override Voltage:1.2
Cpu Cache offset: 0.002

I have also changed:
Spread Spectrum: Disabled
Filter PLL frequency: 1600

With those settings I have set up CPU multiplier to 40 and cache to multiplier 40 as well. It has ran 7 hours of prime 95 without crashing and no errors (blend test)
Before I went to work this morning, I left all the same settings except for CPU multiplier and cache multiplier at 41. That was running for about 10.5 hours and once again, no errors of any sort on PRIME. I DID however notice something strange.

Why would it be such a drop? And saying that my fans were spinning at 40k RPM? Could it be CPUID HW monitor had a "moment"

Anyway, my question is as well... Am I on the right track of overcloocking or am I missing some key information?
I never touched any RAM settings either. Only CPU.

Any help or guidance would be much appreciated :) Thank you!
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